How platform can help?

Using unified data platform to manage and unify your customer data the right way


Identify traffic source

Collect visitor infor at the first time they landing to your web/app from the marketing campaign or digitial media advertising.


Collect customer data

Not only visitiors but also customers to enrich data every time they visit your web/app. Keep increase marketing channel for communication.


Engage visitors

Keep communicating with both visitors and customers to build closed relationship and maximize personalization.


Increase brand awareness

Help your to represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognize it


Lead conversion

Onsite engagement help to convert lead to customer and be come more powerful with personalization message like offers, promotions…


Increase customer value

Divide your customers by stage and make micro segmentation plus prepare targeted and personalized campaign to engage.


Reduce customer churn

Keep connect and communite with your customers based on recency and requency activities. 

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